Hi! I’m Siwen, an award-winning visual storyteller based in Louisville, Kentucky.

I help great organizations distill data and turn it into meaningful connections. With a background in communication, I understand the importance of telling your story in a way that engages your audience.

Interpreting numbers and big data isn’t always easy. Solutions need to be communicated in a way that resonateswith your audience. The answer is formulated design solutions. I create visually appealing, informative, easy-to-understand pieces that empower my clients to share their message effectively. My unique process involves identifying the natural shape of data and sculpting it into something captivating.

Siwen Li Design specializes in the latest data visualization, presentation design and infographics tools, for web, mobile, print and beyond. I’ve helped clients like Philips, Bloomberg, Columbia University, Thomson Reuters, Allstate, Edelman and Verizon. And I have the expertise and resources, to produce meaningful results for you.