Infographics /
Data Visualization


“Designing an information graphic…is a moral act. We should strive for clarity, rigor, and depth.”
Alberto Cairo

My background in communications and design provides an excellent foundation for distilling data and translating information into compelling stories through infographics and data visualization.

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01. Data-Driven

Information is the foundation for good design.

Creating an effective infographic always starts with the data. I work with you to identify the nature of the data. Together we will extract, structure and visualize the best data to explain the abstract idea, breakdown the complex concept, map the relationships or show the trends.

As a visual storyteller, I work to find the angle that transforms data into captivating, memorable visuals that beg to be shared.


Finding the right format to display the data is critical in the visualization process.

Whether the goal is to show market growth over time, or demonstrate service distribution worldwide; to compare political candidate rankings, or establish correlation between population densities and carbon emissions – choosing the correct visual format could mean the difference between at-a-glance success and viewer confusion.

When do you use a scatterplot or choropleth map, a pie chart or graph, a timeline or flowchart? With a background in communications and design, I will guide you to select the best format to fit the information.

03. Illustrative

Numbers can be numbing.

A story backed with strong statistics is best told with charts and graphs. Yet sometimes, a narrative is better established with help of illustrative visuals. I develop a framework to allow visuals to convey the underlying message. Icons, illustrations, imagery and typography are all useful tools in creating a journey map, constructing a timeline, or laying out a workflow

04. Multi-Media

Maximize the effectiveness.

No matter how you plan to distribute your infographic, my creative data-driven approach will maximize its impact. For web, mobile, print and beyond – whether you need a poster or a presentation, a brochure or an interactive digital experience – I have the tools and knowledge to design it.

I also ensure your visuals are digestible and relevant across all chosen media channels. My portfolio includes several cross-platform and multi-media projects.