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The design of logo uses geometric shapes to embody SessionM’s core brand spirits—energetic, cutting-edge and foward-thinking.

SessionM is a customer data and engagement platform brands to forge stronger, more loyal and more profitable customer relationships, through real-time customer data from different channels and systems. Its brand should be young and energetic, as its team.


Proxima Nova has been selected as the Primary Typeface, for its modern, geometric sans serif design, which suits well client’s brand. Proxima Nova is a collection of 48 styles—from thin to black—which can be used to bring depth and hierarchy to communications.


Simple, clean color scheme. Green is the main brand color, and reinforces the concept of loyalty. All of the other colors are accents and can be used to emphasize main brand points. Greys should be used backgrounds and for text.


Icons should convey a meaning or function. I developed a set of  linear and simplistic icons. One of primary colors is used to fill certain parts of the icons for emphasis or indication of action etc.

A icon resides in a circular device, or appears by itself, to echo the circular shape from the logo.

Client’s icon system is mainly used for their website. Therefore, all the icons should always convey a meaning or function. Minimal and linear icons suit the brand identity, and represent the value of the client’s streamlined digital service.

Primary colors of the brand are used to fill certain parts of the icons for emphasis or indication of action etc.

Style Guides

As a reference for the client’s internal design team, vendors, and others who are authorized to work with the brand, a Style Guides is created at the final stage of the project.

The standards, guidelines, references, and templates within this document help maintain high level of consistency across all communication channels, devices, and executions, such as business cards, infographics, reports and presentations.

By utilizing these standards and resources, the client should be able to achieve consistency, and alignment within the brand.