Data Visualization_Physical Astrology

Physical Astrology

Astrology’s root can be traced back to as far as 17th century. It could be found in ancient China, India, Egypt, and western world. Even though, not scientifically prooved, astrology still appeals because its amazing accuracy predicting people’s personalities. However, how much do we know if the physical aspects of the human being is also affected by the birth date. This data visualization tool samples data from over 32 thousand medalists in the modern Olympics history, and attempts to search for potential connections between the astrology and and human physique.

Client: Personal Project
Services: Data Mining, Data Visualization, Design, Programming
Interface & Interaction


Each square represents one single Olympic medalist, which upon hover shows detailed information of the athlete.


Interactive features on the top allows for filtering the medalists down to one specific Sport, Region, Medal Type, Gender or Event Type