Data Visualization_Great Ape Sanctuaries

Global Ape Sanctuaries

Sanctuaries hosting the majority of captive apes are located closest to the countries which are home to their natural habitat, the tropical belt of Africa and Southeast Asia.

Client: EWS / Arcus Foundation
Services: UI / UX, Data Visualization, Programming
Interface & Interaction


The clients asked to show data on both global and regional levels. In addition to the mode switches on the upper right corner, interacting with the map allows users easily go from the world to a specific region of interest. Plus, arrows are designed for changing between regions.


On the map, bubbles are used to represent the total number of sanctuaries within each country. A detailed breakdown of the numbers of apes is visualized in the format of bar charts for easy comparison.


The bottom section of the page allows users to select one of the five species with available information. The buttons are important for users to choose data of their own interest, instead of all.


Raw data was cleaned up and re-organized based on the interactive structure of the app. Combined with GeoJSON file, then fed into programming and visualized on maps.